Yahoo Answers on AIR!

18 07 2007

This is a quick AIR i made from the Yahoo Answers AS3 API. Yahoo has done a great job in supporting developers and pushing mashup content. I have a couple of edits for the application witch will include native Drag and Drop of results, and on disconnect the app should save the last xml result. It already has file extension of .ans, but i need to add more features. Its kinda of a proof of concept, and i am actually weary of putting it up due to the work it needs, but maybe it will get people interested in Yahoo or other APIs that they can leverage. Next stop is Facebook with a Coldfusion and Flex app, who knows maybe even a place for some AIR. I also have to give a shout out to Ryan Stewart for being the first person to comment on my blog, thanks! 

Yahoo Answers!


Adobe AIR Bus Tour to Arrive in Denver, CO – July 20

18 07 2007

The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), previously referred to by its code-name of “Apollo”, is a cross-operating system runtime that allows web developers to leverage their existing web development skills (such as Flash, Flex, HTML and JavaScript) to build and deploy web applications and content to the desktop.

Currently in public beta, it has a rich set of features, with support for building both HTML, and Flash based applications.

-From Adobe

Adobe AIR Bus Tour

Hello world!

18 07 2007

Wow, my own blog, good thing i didnt get on this any sooner, i just may be behind the times. I am going to use this blog to link to Adobe developers and post code for Flex, AIR, Silverlight, and Coldfusion applications / developments. I will try and have some fun and upload some life experiences too, because i have alot to learn.